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A number of international airports have flights to/from Bergen Airport - Flesland, e.g., Copenhagen Airport - Kastrup and Amsterdam Airport - Schipol.


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Information for visiting researchers and recently employed foreigners moving to Bergen

How to find us

We are located on the second floor of the Science Building (“Realfagbygget”, Allégaten 41, one of the largest buildings in Bergen):

Prof. Jensens office, room no. 2040, is on the front side, facing Allégaten and the city center. From Allégaten, the easiest is to enter through the garage (and not through the main entrance one level above). An elevator is located to the right some few meters into the garage. Take the elevator to the second floor. Prof. Jensens office is located on the other side of the corridor, almost directly opposite to the elevator.


Department of Chemistry
University of Bergen
Allégaten 41
N-5007 Bergen

Tel: +47-555 83489 (Prof. Jensen)
Fax: +47-555 89490
E-mail: Vidar.Jensen*[at]*